Our Mission

Home For The Nations is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit with the mission to empower the poor and restore homes around the world.

Currently, we work in the Port-au-Prince region of Haiti.

Our Approach

As an organization, we have five key values in our approach:

Coming as Learners

We are most effective when we take time to listen and learn

Focusing on Individuals

Success is measured by reaching just one person

Identifying Spiritual Roots of Problems

The spiritual roots cannot be neglected in order to fix physical problems

Empowering People

Hand-outs are temporary and harmful, empowerment is lasting and fruitful

Being Led by the Holy Spirit

Our love for Jesus compels us to trust in his leading

Our Work

tropicalCommunity Development

Our big vision is to work within communities to create jobs, teach agriculture, develop spiritual leaders, and provide affordable housing. We are looking into a unique earthquake-resistant form of housing known as container homes (built from repurposed shipping containers) that will provide safe and affordable accommodations for many families. We desire to see container home communities built up, providing a network of support for its residents.

Women's Discipleship

In conjunction with Semone Seavers and her ministry Radiant Purpose, we are teaching women to know their identity and purpose in Christ so that we can empower them holistically. Learn More

orphan-stock-photoOrphan Care

We partner with an orphanage in Port-au-Prince that has about 25 children, and we have developed a Child and Family Sponsorship to help these children both from both a physical and emotional standpoint.

This program has two phases. The first phase is to simply improve the current conditions for these kids as they live at the orphanage. Many of these children are "poverty orphans" which means that they have at least one parent who has given them over to institutionalized care because of poverty; but we firmly believe that every child deserves to be with a permanent family. So, the second phase is to help reunite many of these children with their parents. When this happens, the sponsorship goes to empowering the child's family and community. Learn More