First Delivery of Food to Bainet After the Hurricane

Over the weekend, Dr. Jeff (our primary contact working in the villages) and his associate Gordon were able to travel to one of the five villages in Bainet with the first delivery of food. It was a much longer trip than usual as the main route to access the group of villages is still blocked by the river, and they were forced to take different route where the river is low enough to drive across. The remaining four villages are still blocked by the river. Dr. Jeff says it is not enough to feed everybody, but it is a good start. We are still accepting your financial gifts that allows us to continue sending aid to these people, who have received no help up until this point. Please pray for them, and consider giving here online. You may also mail checks made out to Home For The Nations with “Hurricane Relief” on the memo line to our office at 90 Oceanside Dr., Nashville, TN 37204

Hurricane Matthew Relief Work in Bainet, Haiti

We have begun working alongside stateside partners to coordinate relief efforts in the Southern Peninsula of Haiti. The town of Bainet has been hit severely by Hurricane Matthew.  Flood waters have blocked travel routes and destroyed houses and crops. We will be transporting supplies of food and water to several remote villages in Bainet, who are currently stranded because the river has risen too high and trapped the people within their community. Your gifts can make a huge difference as the crisis in Bainet will not diminish soon. We will be personally storing any supplies donated while we coordinate a safe way to deliver them to the south. You may donate to the relief work below. Donate

The Usefulness Of The Good-For-Nothing Short-Term Missions Trip

(Original post from I want to address a phenomenon in church circles knows as the “Short-Term Missions Trip.” There’s an article which I’ve seen floating around social media also talking about the short-term trip and its uselessness. The article made some very good points, many of which I have aligned with for a while now (I do recommend you read it as well); but it also came across to me as extreme and a bit cynical. As I am still in my first-year as a “Full-Term” missionary to Haiti, perhaps I haven’t been around long enough to acquire the appropriate cynicism for the matter, and I offer that as a disclaimer. I have been wanting to write about this for a while now, so this is not meant to be a direct critique of that article, but I do want to offer some balance on the issue. So, in case you haven’t heard, those 7+ missions trips you took in high school or college did not really mean much… at least not for the country you were visiting. I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s true.  I know that you set out to change the world during your […]