Partnering with Rural Villages in Jacmel, Haiti

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with local Haitian leaders to empower a group of villages of in the Jacmel region. In a recent trip back to Haiti, Luke Seavers reconnected with Robinson Fritzner, one of our Haitian partners, and he brought before us the needs of these villages. Robinson has been a joy to work with, and his passion to help his own country is inspiring. Together Luke and Robinson traveled through the mountains to the village of Fond Habote, about 30 minutes drive from the southern city of Jacmel. Fond Habote is the main village out of a group of surrounding villages. Because they are closest to the road, they have received more help in their community. They have a system that collects rainwater into a large cistern. They have a small sewing school. They also have the only school among these villages, which is also where the people meet for church. The people of Fond Habote still have a lot of needs themselves, but they see that their neighboring villages are suffering more than they are. What they have, they share with these villages. The leaders of Fond Habote set up a meeting during our visit […]

Highlights from Robinson’s #HaitiChristmasParty

We just wanted to share a video and a few photos from Robinson’s event on Christmas Day, where he was able to invite homeless children to come enjoy a meal and receive gifts. We also have a special message from Robinson to those of you who donated toys this year: “What a great thing to serve the Lord! I’m always filled with joy every time I have the opportunity to serve in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God for all his grace to us!” “I’m so grateful to everyone who helped or supported CHRISTMAS KIDS JOYS OF HAITI. We served a fantastic group of children, each of them are precious to God, and we praise our Lord Jesus Christ for that.” We too, as well as our team at Home For The Nations, want to thank you; and we hope you had a great holiday season with your family!

Donate Toys to Street Kids in Haiti – #HaitiChristmasParty

Our ministry partner in Haiti and good friend Robinson is hosting a party on Christmas day for the street kids in his community, along with the kids in his children’s home. We invite you to donate new or used toys for these homeless children, many of whom have never spent Christmas with a family. Drop off or Mail your toys by December 14 to this address: 323 Westover Blvd Lynchburg, VA 24501 ***All donations are Tax-deductible through Home For The Nations, a non-profit organization working in Haiti. Tweet at us and tag us on social media @LukeandSemone. Use hashtag #HaitiChristmasParty to help spread the word! If you’d rather make a financial contribution, we will also be needing funds for shipping to Miami, airplane baggage fees, and food for the party on Christmas day. Give online here.

First Delivery of Food to Bainet After the Hurricane

Over the weekend, Dr. Jeff (our primary contact working in the villages) and his associate Gordon were able to travel to one of the five villages in Bainet with the first delivery of food. It was a much longer trip than usual as the main route to access the group of villages is still blocked by the river, and they were forced to take different route where the river is low enough to drive across. The remaining four villages are still blocked by the river. Dr. Jeff says it is not enough to feed everybody, but it is a good start. We are still accepting your financial gifts that allows us to continue sending aid to these people, who have received no help up until this point. Please pray for them, and consider giving here online.

Hurricane Matthew Relief Work in Bainet, Haiti

We have begun working alongside stateside partners to coordinate relief efforts in the Southern Peninsula of Haiti. The town of Bainet has been hit severely by Hurricane Matthew.  Flood waters have blocked travel routes and destroyed houses and crops. We will be transporting supplies of food and water to several remote villages in Bainet, who are currently stranded because the river has risen too high and trapped the people within their community. Your gifts can make a huge difference as the crisis in Bainet will not diminish soon. We will be personally storing any supplies donated while we coordinate a safe way to deliver them to the south. You may donate to the relief work below. Donate