We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with local Haitian leaders to empower a group of villages of in the Jacmel region.

In a recent trip back to Haiti, Luke Seavers reconnected with Robinson Fritzner, one of our Haitian partners, and he brought before us the needs of these villages. Robinson has been a joy to work with, and his passion to help his own country is inspiring.

Together Luke and Robinson traveled through the mountains to the village of Fond Habote, about 30 minutes drive from the southern city of Jacmel.

Fond Habote is the main village out of a group of surrounding villages. Because they are closest to the road, they have received more help in their community. They have a system that collects rainwater into a large cistern. They have a small sewing school. They also have the only school among these villages, which is also where the people meet for church.

The people of Fond Habote still have a lot of needs themselves, but they see that their neighboring villages are suffering more than they are. What they have, they share with these villages. The leaders of Fond Habote set up a meeting during our visit for us to hear from all of these neighboring villages.

On a Sunday after church, we sat down with these village leaders, and they told us about their immediate needs. The biggest of these needs included improved housing, a medical clinic, and drinking water. Several of these villages are deep in the mountains, so there is little-to-no access to water. What little water they can get has to be carried several miles up the mountain to their village.

We were grateful to be welcomed by the people in these villages, and we have resolved to help with some of these fundamental needs that they have. Over time, we look forward to the opportunity to further empower them both on a physical and spiritual level.

Please join us in supporting these communities! We’ve determined two projects that we will be raising funds for to start:

  1. We will be building a rain collection system & cistern in the village of Mon Blanc to provide a sustainable source of drinking water.
  2. We will be providing solar power for the school in the village of Fond Habote. This will provide light in the evenings, allowing the students to study. It will allow the teachers the ability to print off exam results, which is required by the Haitian government. This is something that will serve all of the surrounding villages because it is the only school in the area.

You can make a difference by empowering these people with what they need in their home village. You can make your tax-deductible donation today at homeforthenations.org/give.

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