In the last several years, many people have begun to utilize shipping containers in constructing homes, cabins, office spaces, and more. Specifically, houses made out of shipping containers, known as "Container Homes", have gained some popularity because of the relatively low cost involved. It has proven to be an excellent structure to build with since the walls, floor, and ceiling are already there, and they fit together like Lego bricks. The possibilities are endless, and it is amazing to see the creative and diverse ways people are building their own container homes (see below).

We believe the container home is the home for the nations for three primary reasons:

  1. Affordable - Shipping Containers can be purchased for as low as $2,000, providing a solid housing structure with walls, ceiling, and floor already in place at a reasonable cost to the impoverished in other nations.
  2. Earthquake Resistant - Built to be stacked eight high and tossed violently out on the high seas, Shipping Containers are incredibly durable with the capacity to withstand a sizable earthquake.
  3. Accessible - Shipping containers can be found in abundance at virtually any port around the world. Since countries like Haiti do not have access to affordable lumber, these steel containers provide an excellent building alternative.