Luke Seavers

Co-Founder, Haiti Director

Luke Seavers operates a production and design business called One Nine Pro. He has a passion for creativity and reaching other cultures. Together, with his wife Semone, they perform their original music under the name Luke & Semone; and in 2013, they released their first album called Open Arms. Currently, Luke and his wife live in Haiti, where they have begun a long-term journey of caring for the poor and the broken in the nation of Haiti and establishing a foundation for Home For The Nations on the ground.

Andy Seavers


Andy Seavers is a full time entrepreneur living in Nashville, TN. At the age of 14, Andy started his first business, an auto detailing company. He later discovered his true passion for starting businesses during his time at Belmont University. My College Storage was founded to solve the problem that out-of-state college students struggle with during the summer. Age has never gotten in the way of his passion for solving problems and creating extraordinary things. Today, Andy advises many companies and has a number of his own start-ups. Whether a multi-million dollar technology start-up or a lifestyle business in property management, Andy brings a unique set of skills to each business that he is involved in.