We partner with an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti that has about 25 children. For over a year, we have developed relationships with these kids and the staff to explore the best way for us to help.

We have developed a Child and Family Sponsorship to help support these children on both a physical and emotional level. Our sponsorship program has two phases as described below.



The first phase is to simply improve the current conditions for these kids as they live at the orphanage. Up until this point, they have not been receiving adequate medical attention or nutritious meals, and the conditions they are living in are unacceptable. You may sponsor not only a child, but also one of the orphanage staff. Sponsoring a staff member not only empowers that individual and their family, but also drastically improves the quality of care the children receive.


Many of the children are "poverty orphans" which means that they have at least one living parent who has given them over to institutionalized care because of poverty; but we firmly believe that every child deserves permanency and emotional care, which can only come from a family. The second phase of our program is to place each child in a family, and if possible, reunite many of the children with their parents.

When this happens, sponsorship funds go toward empowering the child's family and community. This may look like providing a job, occupational training, digging a community well, or providing a business loan. Each will be handled case-by-case.

You can make a difference in a child’s life.